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The VIVID EP is basically a group of home recordings that I have recorded with my laptop, living by myself in a different city. This is my second Demo EP, these songs are just the acoustic versions of them, I have now added drums to Emerson so the next EP will most likely include them. Enjoy

POEM FOR MY FATHER was a poem named Invictus, when I was in grade Twelve my dad would always show me this Poem. I didn't really feel the emotion of the poem until I started doing solo gigs that year, things that meant a lot for me, actually doing something that I loved doing. That was the beginning.

EVIE is just a cover I had been wanting to do for a while because it is a pretty well written song and catchy, I just wanted to see what I could do with it. Thanks Cub Scouts <3

IN THE SNOW (SONG FOR HER) is about something that brings me happiness, a relationship, actually having someone there to talk to, means alot. It is about a school trip I took to New Zealand last year when I got to know someone that I hadn't talked to for a few years.

ROPE is about someone that is very inspirational to me, Ian Curtis. I have done 2 Essays on Ian and I loved the process of Learning about his life, he was such an interesting man, it would have been interesting to see where he would be now if he hadn't committed suicide.

THE SEA, THE WOODS on one of the many nights that I was alone I found myself looking at old myths about mermaids luring sailors into the ocean to their death. I kind of went off in a tangent and made a story, and I just spoke whatever words came to my head straight into the microphone and that was the one take.

I made this EP so you cant pay. I really don't mind at all. If you like my music all I ask for is just for you to share it amongst your friends and whoever else.
I have recently had a support gig with Kate Martin, and I performed with a live drummer also. The next EP i release wont be just acoustic songs, it will be songs that are new, and also old songs which I have made able to play with a live band.

This is all I want to do, write and perform music.
Thankyou for your support, and much love for believing in me.


released May 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Emerson Snowe Brisbane, Australia

The music of 18 year old brisbane resident, Jarrod Mahon.

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